Joshua Halberstam is the author of works of non-fiction (including Everyday Ethics, Work: Making a Living and Making a Life, Acing College, and Schmoozing: The Private Conversation of American Jew), a novel (A Seat at the Table), and the translator of a collection of short stories (The Blind Angel).

Halberstam also writes on an array of topics including philosophy and ethics, social issues, education, and Jewish Studies. His articles have been published in online and print magazines and journals. He is a frequent guest on national television and radio and was a repeat guest on Oprah and on NPR’s All things Considered and Talk of the Nation.

Halberstam is related to many of the world’s leading Chassidic rebbes – and can trace an unbroken chain of illustrious rabbis back to the sixteenth century on both his mother and father’s sides. Like his novel (A Seat at the Table), Halberstam’s most recent book, The Blind AngelNew Old Chassidic Tales draws on his intimate familiarity with the Chassidic world. The book is a translation and retelling of the Chassidic tales his father told on Yiddish radio from the  late 1940s to early 1960s.

Halberstam received his Ph.D. in philosophy from NYU, where he taught for many years before teaching at Teachers College, Columbia. He presently teaches at Bronx Community College of City University.

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